Boroondara Scouts

Boroondara Scouts

The District has equipment available for loan to all sections –

Contact David Nathan 0438 511 334 for loan details.


Set of 20 compasses, Abbreviation = COM

5x GPS units, Abbreviation = GPS

16x FM Radios (various powers), Abbreviation = RAD

Projector & screen, Abbreviation = P&S

Public address system (battery powered) Abbreviation = PA

Large chess set Abbreviation = CHE

3 sets of large Dominoes Abbreviation = Dom

2x Gazebos 3m x3m Abbreviation = Gaz

Fully equipped camp kitchen on its own trailer, BBQ, eating fly, and tables. Abbreviation = Trc

Boroondara Rock Trailer Abbreviation = BR

Set of 3 x gymnastic mats, large enough to cover most of a hall.

Misc. camping gear.

1 x 7x5 Trailer with 1200mm cage and cover = Tra

Please check district Calendar as this also includes Hall hire and Equipment hire.

Hall hire is proceeded by abbreviated name of Hall and user e.g. 4CC – Body Shape or BSH -Mindari

4CC = 4th Camberwell Central

BSH = Boroondara Scout Hall

BR = Boroondara Rock

P&S = Projector and Screen

Other Abbreviation are self-explanatory such Gaz or GPS etc.

The District QM Store Team

David Nathan – Quartermaster

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